Fleetcraft has developed a unique dynamic and web-based software package together with software developers. With this unique tool we manage your fleet completely and give you insight into the fleet and costs via a real-time dashboard. And we identify trends and details at an early stage.

For example, there are specific modules for truck management, including the structure of all components and associated service schedules. We also have modules for (lease) cars, drivers / drivers, internal means of transport, fuel card administration & fuel invoices and custom management reports.

We have generic modules developed from practice, for, among other things, damage registration, tires, lease contracts, a document library for all your contracts and photos and a special authorization module for approving external repairs.

The package is easily scalable and is part of our fleet management service.

You can also choose to only purchase the fleet management package in the form of Software As A Service. We will help you with the set-up of the package and provide complete support and backup during use.

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